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The Faces of Our Organization



My mission in life is to have my legacy be that of someone who has had a positive effect on the lives of our young people.  My Goal is to help our youth to aspire to be more than they ever thought they could be.

In the past I have been successful as a teacher, coach and support staff in the educational sector, I have dedicated my time and effort to the at-risk population.  I have produced high rates of positive outcomes at multiple institutions.  I have been a mentor for different male youth organizations.  My most proud accomplishment was coaching a high school Special Olympic Unified Track team to a State Championship.  Showing those special young men and ladies that they could accomplish all they set out to do, was absolutely the highlight of my professional career. 

Another important fact about me that is the core of my success with youth is my want and desire to always show up.  I have never missed a day of work.  Showing up is half the battle.

What someone should know about me that is not related to work and also keeps me in good standing with our youth is I can’t stop eating sweets.

My favorite quote is “You aren’t living unless you are making someone else’s life better.”



Merril Holloway is a college professor and a lifelong learner with a master’s degree in American history and a bachelor’s degree in education and history. He has 10 years of classroom
experience. Helping students learn is his passion because he recognized how difficult learning was for him and now he wants to help student’s experience the wonderful world of learning.

Merril Holloway has experience in teaching on different levels. He has taught at the high school
and college level at the same time, which gives him a great advantage because it made him focus on the students’ needs. The most important thing Merril has found among students from different levels is they all struggle with learning strategies that work for them. Merril has also used his own study technique to help students become an active reader in class. He created the S.Q.U.A.D. method which means, Scan, question, unique markers, assess, and decipher.

As a “military kid’ Merril travelled all over the world, including Europe, and Turkey. It gave him the opportunity to experience and learn from different cultures.

Merril struggled with reading and writing, both elements that are necessary for successful communication in life. However, Merril never gave up on himself. After graduating from Frankfurt American High School in 1991, he began his college education at Prairie View A&M University studying business. Then transferred from Prairie View to Athens State University. At Athens State
University Merril began working towards his education degree in 2000. His studies took a unique twist in 2002, Merril’s history Professor convince him to change his major from business to history and he graduated with a history degree in 2003. In 2006, Merril received his education degree to become a classroom teacher. Merril craved more knowledge and went back to school to study for his master’s degree in American history. He taught at four
colleges: Delaware State University, Delaware Technical & Community College, Cecil College, and Wesley College. He teaches African American History, U.S. History I and II, Introduction of Political Science, American Government, Western Civilization I and II, Psychology, Sociology, and First Year Seminar. Merril believes that education is
the key to success.



Damien Farrare is a Weight Loss Center Director for Jenny Craig where he helps his centers clients reach their weight loss goal.

Damien believes that dedication and consistency are the keys to unlocking success in all aspects of life. When Damien is not helping his Jenny Craig client reach their weight loss goals he is owner and operator of Sled Dawg Fitness where he is pushing his clients to achieve new levels of fitness



March 27 serves as not only the birthdays of Mariah Carey and Quentin Tarantino but also the birthday of a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, an award winning actor and  a decorated educator servicing the youth of Delaware, specifically in the New Castle County area,  Logan Jenkins. Seemingly unfazed by life's adversities, Logan has always maintained a positive outlook and the circumstances that followed his life from childhood into his current stage in life. "Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepared for it today." That is a direct quote from Malcolm X, an African American civil rights activist, who had a strong and positive influence on Logan and is credited with influencing Logan with some of his readings and depictions. Logan's professional career in education has provided great joy whether serving the community as a graduation coach, a behavioral specialist, a paraeducator or even the present of his very own mentoring organization, Keys to Success Delaware. Logan looks forward to continuing his work with the Griff 54 House and expanding the core values of the organization across the state and eventually the nation with the goal of providing the educational passport and preparation desired to be successful.



Hi my name is Korey Bishop I am 26 years old. I am a graduate of William Penn High School. I am Currently enrolled in school at Regent University majoring in Christian Ministry aspiring to become a youth pastor. I am employed as a Communities In Schools program specialist which in turn means that I create different programs for the students to give them opportunities to be successful. I also coach in two youth organizations NO Limit Mentoring Empowerment Program Inc. and Philly Pride 302 with being an assistant and a head coach. My goals are to one day own my school and to also start my own networking business called networkME. I believe that it is important to network yourself if I can be a part of that journey in a way I would like to.

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