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Griff54 is achieving more with our initiatives than ever before. We work on many exciting projects to help improve the lives of others, and are very proud of the progress we continue to make. Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to promote positive change.

Math Notebook and Calculator


Grade Monitoring

Griff 54 Promise provides grade monitoring for its mentees.  A Griff 54 mentor will monitor the mentee’s school grades every two weeks and report their progress to the mentees and their parents.  With the help of staff and volunteers, we will provide tutoring and homework assistance. The goal is to make sure mentees are succeeding in the educational arena.

Parent Conference Attendance

Griff 54 Promise will attend parent conferences for mentees.  We have seen many parents have questions about different aspects of the school system.  We want to be fully engaged and supportive to the parents for the success of the clients. Being able to assist in the understanding of school policy and procedure will help with that goal.

In/After-School Programming

We offer programming for after-school and during school.  We have sports clubs for flag football, kickball and basketball.  These clubs take place during the school recess time and after school.  We seek contracts with the school to sponsor these programs.  The students are required to maintain grades, attendance and behavior in order to participate in the programs.

Suit And Tie


We offer life and job skills training for our mentees.  We will mentor in the areas such as interview skills, personal grooming, personal finance, time management, goal attainment, etc.

Boys During a Sports Practice


Sports Training

We provide one on one and group sports training.  Mentees are trained in different sports they enjoy playing or those in which they have the desire to improve their skills.  Some examples of the sports are football, basketball and baseball.  The training is provided in sessions based on the amount of time requested by the client/mentee.

Personal Training

We offer individual and group personal training for our mentees.  We believe that being physically fit is very important for success in life.  We have a certified personal trainer and life coach within the organization to offer individual and groups sessions.

Car Dashboard


We understand that sometimes life doesn’t afford the time or ability for parents or guardians to transport their children to events that they want to participate in.  We offer the ability to attend the events or provide transportation when it is possible in our schedule.  If we are free, we will do it! Again, it is important for us to give the mentees TIME.  We believe any time with a positive role model is immeasurable to a young man.

Home Entrance


We are offering the opportunity for a mentee to live at the Griff 54 Promise Home as part of our Independent Home Living Experience Program.  A mentee will live at the Home with the ability to live on his own while learning about everyday life experiences.  He will learn financial management, goal setting, time management, problem solving and volunteerism.  He will be required to give back to the community through mentoring our youth. He will be required to maintain employment, pay bills, attend meetings, etc. We will help him prepare for life as an adult. Nominations for this service will be handled through a vote of the Board of Directors.

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