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Griff 54 Promise Inc. was created in January of 2021 by Owner/Executive Director Calvin O. Griffin.  Griffin created this organization after spending years in the educational industry as a teacher, graduation coach, mentor, athletic director and sports coach.  He has taught in the subject area of Job and Life skills.  He has worked as support staff with counselors to assist in grade level and graduation outcomes.  He has facilitated young male groups through mentoring.  He understands the athletic arena from his experience as an athletic director.  And lastly, he has worked with a variety of students from general and higher education to special education levels.  He coached Unified Special Olympics and went on to win a State Championship in track and field in 2019. At the age of nineteen Griffin experienced the tragic loss of his brother to suicide. His brother was only 21 years of age.  After experiencing that tragedy and being in the educational industry for twenty years, Griffin realized that the thing young men really desire is time from a male role model.  He felt that if his brother had a mentor or someone special to him that he could have opened up to, he may not have felt so alone and he would not have taken such a drastic measure to ease his pain. As an adult, Griffin has made it his passion to be that person for so many of our youth.  He has been extremely successful at mentoring and teaching the At-Risk youth.  He has turned around programs that had a twenty percent student success rate to ninety-five percent and higher. It is that passion that has led to the creation of Griff 54 Promise Inc.



Griff 54 Promise is a Non-Profit mentoring program whose goal is to lead youth and young adult males toward a successful journey in life.  Our main objective is to focus on giving time. We believe that the most important aspect of mentoring is being invested in the well being of our mentees. It is this familial investment that will build a strong understanding in what it means to be a citizen, son, brother, husband, and father. We will do that through one on one and group mentoring, sports training, grade monitoring, parent conference attendance, in/after-school activities, personal training, life and job skills training, and event transportation. Our concepts for success are built around the theories of Grit, Four Quadrants of a Balanced Life, Pyramid of Success and the Growth Mindset.


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